Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big Feet=Big Heart

I love running on the beach because I get to see all the footprints that have made their mark in the sand.
Sometimes I look for a set and try to run in it for as long as I can.
I've noticed many a thing in doing this (and had some crazy animal encounters through the years) but I've mostly been delighted constantly by the different sizes and shapes of prints I've seen.

I feel like my life is a great big sandy beach. 
There are many footprints on that beach, 
left by many different kinds of people.
Some of these prints are weird and I don't understand how or why they are there.
But they make the beach what it is and I am thankful for what I have come seen and come to understand because of them.
I know the contours of some by heart, patterns that are permanent to me.

There are many deep and big and clearly defined footprints,
those that have been left by people who have profoundly changed me.

I had a conversation with one of these big-footed friends yesterday that really left me thinking.
I'm excited to go back and walk in the path that these footprints left, examining and enjoying the thoughts that were shared and the wisdom that was offered.

((Feet lovin' by this Maddy girl))

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