Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Time for Laughter

Today was a day for loving Jesus more. 

Today was a day for loving Jesus more by spending time with dear people

Today was a day for loving Jesus more by spending time 
with dear people in deep moments of laughter.

Today was a good day. 

There were moments of quiet and conversation 
with my dear roomy and friend, Rinny. 
{Just before we "embarked" on the journey of building our couch. Ha, that was good.}

Simple words exchanged. 
Serious words exchanged.
Many silly giggley smiles. 

Nearly four hours were spent in catchy-uppy conversation with sweet Hilary.

Hearing about her trip to Argentina 
and sharing about my experience at Hume 
were high on the list of verbal priorities
It was such a joy to strive to slow our words to
keep up with the joy in our hearts.

The evening involved so many silly moments with my girl Melanie. 
Adventuring to a boy's room with the expectation of
 seeing its fantastical setup
surprised us...
when there was no boy to be found in the room. 
Rather there were nearly ten girls watching Tangled together. 
Awkward...but followed by oh so much laughter. 

The capstone of this joyous day was a skypefest with Melanie and Jax. 

{This was taken on a trip down from Hume Lake to Cat Haven. 
I demanded a 'stache picture since they were dragging me down to a cat zoo.}

These pretty ladies were my close friends all summer long.
It was a grand time of story-telling and life-sharing.
Our laughter echoed throughout the hall of my dorm. 

I'm so thankful for friends like all of these, 
and so many others. 
Sweet souls that make my heart giggle. 

I can't help but think that God must have been smiling from heaven. 

I wonder if His laugh is ever a solo...
(which I'm sure would be killer to hear)
or maybe his laugh is heard in the melodic harmonies
 of the joy-overwhelmed bellows of his children. 

In that case, I very much enjoyed the 
I worshipped Him with today. 

(( giggle-FULL is this happy heart))

Friday, August 26, 2011

Home[y] Page

I recently changed my homepage. 
((It's a hard decision to make...just like buying a home in real life.))
Before it was the weather channel website.

Now, it is something infinitely more fantastical. 
My new homepage causes me to experience...

{deep joy}
{moments of pause}
{instances of introspection}
{a challenge to my wordiness..
.allowing me to appreciate the world a snatch wordlessly}
{a deeper desire to praise my Jesus}
{giddy share-smiles}

--->share smiles=the kind of smiles that make 
people ask why you're smiling...causing more smileage

Oh yeah, you might be wondering where I make my internet home now. 

Also, my current musical obsession is Joshua Radin's The Fear You Won't Fall

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bird Poop Joy

Today was a longathon kind of day. 
I walked back from dinner and just as I entered my dorm, 
I felt some icky stuff on my hand. 
It was yellow and wet and blobby and I realized that it was on my shoulder too. 
It looked like mustard...or bird doopy

In that moment, I kinda realized that I had a choice to make. 
It felt like it could have been the thing to push me over the edge.
Or I could try to let it roll off my back. 

So I decided to try to make it positive...
and here-aaaaa are the ways that it brought me joy: 

1. it provided fodder for conversation with some of the girls on my floor I don't know well...
girls bond oh so well over bird poop moments
2. it was yellow...which is one of my favorite colors
3. it was yellow...which matched my wallet 
4. it motivated me to change my clothes so that I can go work out later
5. it made me appreciate the fact that there aren't more birds everywhere that doopy on me all the time 

((joyful and [now] clean maddy-laddy))