Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Weather Is My Homepage.

One of my hobbies is being hyper aware of the weather conditions.
As a young lass, I always enjoyed the weather portion of the evening news;
this ritual helped me get really excited about the coming day.

I like the idea of being aware of the predictions involving 
natural phenomenons
--YES I consider daily weather a phenomenon in nature, it's so beautiful!! And hello we could very well wake up one day to a nice good morning sky of flaming fire or black abyssiveness!!!-- and then 
like seeing/hearing that it's going to rain and then 

Ahhh simple pleasures.

Since I'm temporarily not on facebook ((for really no reason in specificular)) I HAVE to have something that I can check constantly.

I finally made my homepage because it was my most visited website.
I just realized an epsick, hip, new, heel-kick worthy feature...

((ECSTATIC is this weather-obsessed chica))

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