Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The theme of beauty has been a hidden theme this week. 
Phil Wickham's song "Beautiful" was on my heart from worship this Sunday
and my senses have been overwhelmed by the sensational weather that has encompassed these past days.

Today, I had a class session with Dr. Reynolds on Anna Karenina
We talked a lot about author Leo Tolstoy's notions of beauty and the body. 

Reynolds asked several members of our group what they thought of themselves, what they think that others think when they see them passing by. 
It was interesting to hear their responses, and think of what I myself would say.
Words like "generic" and "short/tall" and "plain" were thrown around. 

As I listened to him remind us that we have been created in the image of God, both in 
I realized something...

My notions of beauty are a snatch off. Like a mega snatch
In my tendency to be optomistic , I have always justified the parts of me that I don't believe to be beautiful by focusing on the parts that I think contain beauty.
I even do this with other people, categorizing certain people as being more or less beautiful than others. 

I feel like such a tool

Reynolds went on to say that even if someone was the all out UGLIEST member of the human race, the angel Gabriel would still look at this being in absolute wonder. 
We are all made in the image of one so incredibly beautiful. 

The people I look at are all incredibly amazingly breathtakingly beautiful. 
Both inside and outside.
That means that all of myself is beautiful. Fully. 

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  1. Maddy this is deep. And incredibly beautiful!

    You are beyond beautiful my dear friend:) love you Lenny!