Monday, April 11, 2011

Grace & Wite-Out

I had a friend in fifth grade named Kim. 
She always always ALWAYS used wite-out 
((hello perfectionistic 11 year old!!!))
It looked like this
I stuck to pencils around that time of my life due to my passionate 
love for a perfectly sharpened writing utensil.
But I harbored hidden jealousies for Kim's wite-out...

Flash forward to my college shopping adventures last the top of my list was 

And let me tell you I have been using and OVERUSING stuff. I got one just like Kim's, the rolly kind and I have made a few mistakes on purpose just so I could white them out and and rewrite the same thing...such is the life of a wite-out fanatic. 

I feel like wite-out is most often reflective of the human kind of grace...
I am willing to "white out" the faults or sins of my fellow people when they sin against me...
but I do not forget this hurt. 
((HELLO white out is SO obvious when used, it practically SCREAMS that it is hiding a fault)).
That's so GROSS!!

I am so DEEPLY grateful that God's grace is SO MUCH GREATER!!
Christ is in no way like wite-out...
He rips up the paper that has been tarnished by mistake, by sins of the flesh and mind
and gives me a fresh one. 

Here's to starting over and forgiving like CRAZY!!

((a fresh start for this sinful girl is indeed welcomed!!!!))

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  1. I really like this one Mads-A-Lads. What an encouraging message and amazing hope to cling to. =]