Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Simple Pleasures of a Summer Day

1. restful night of sleep ((into the midmorning:))

2. lunch with my mommy-moo

3. said lunch taking place at Deli News
(if I could live in a restaurant it would be there...or Mimi's Cafe because it's kinda already a house)

4. puppy kisses

5. fierce ping pong competition

6. packing for Hume this summer

6 1/2. being reminded of how BLESSED 
I am because I have so much stuff!

7. A Fine Frenzy.
 And Adele
And The Swell Season
And She & Him

8. Q-tips

9. pra(y)sing for people

10. excited to spend the evening celebrating my
amazing wonderful incredible

11. feeling all around stoked to spend my summer making coffee up at Hume Lake
and being able to encourage and bless people's bodies
 (with my gift of caffeine) 
and hearts 
(with the love that Jesus puts inside of my own)

((delightfully content))

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