Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ginormous Name for Such a Tiny Man

The German dwarf who is known for nothing more than his name.

The story of Rumpilstiltskin ends with this unhappy little man 
tearing himself into two         
allegedly because the Queen discovered his name 
and he could no longer have her child.

But I think the Brohah's Grimm got it all wrong.
Stiltskinny simply couldn't handle the fact that his name was known.
He assumed he would be criticized and laughed at.

        He was probably right.

Just like most children, growing up I had young peers who made fun of me.
They named me.
stupid, awkward, weird
Some of these names have followed me into my teenage years.
These are words I would never again want to hear myself defined by.
Things I am not proud to say I was ever called.

But I will not tear myself in two.

Because I am the LORD's and He has named me.
"This one shall say, 'I am the LORD's,' another will call on the name of Jacob, and another will write on his hand, 'The LORD's' and name himself by the name of Israel." Isaiah 44:5 

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  1. AH MADDY! this is even more beautiful than I anticipated! love. love. love. !!
    -ktee :)