Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wanted: Emotional Popsicle

The word "lethologica" describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

Sometimes I struggle with this, just like everyone else, but I usually just make up a word to replace it. I'm an English major, it's one of my vices. But more often I find myself with a problem of greater difficulty. 

I wish I could have an emotional translator
because I have no idea how to make what I feel turn into words so other people can understand.

There will be times, like tonight, when I feel so much joy inside of myself and I want to share it. I want other people to experience the seemingly limitless expanse of my delight. 

I want to invent an emotional popsicle. Not a popsicle that feels things. But a popsicle that, when eaten, releases a clear understanding of the gladness that is stuck inside of me. They would be grape flavored but colored bright yellow.

I would hand out these popsicles wherever I went, so that everyone could feel the expanse of my joy. Lately I'm learning that my Creator has placed a kind of joy inside of me that He wants me to share. Sadly, he didn't create emotional popsicles so that I could easily share it. 

That must mean that there are other ways in which he wants me to express this joy to my fellow humans. They must not have to involve words, since clearly I am inept. 


((If anyone decides to invent the emotional popsicle, please let me know asap))


  1. maddy, i am a fan of you. I have had similar thoughts to this but along the lines of expressing pain and sorrow. how do we express such magnificent feelings? I find my consolation in the "groans" of the Holy Spirit, in that sound/vision/idea I find complete communication and it rocks. I know that won't really help you to share the joy you have, but perhaps it will help - i'm enjoying your blog dear, keep up the happy work!

  2. Wonderful blog Maddy! So glad you shared it with me :)

    I totally know what you mean, but keep trying! You're face is something that very clearly tells those around you the joy that is in your heart. I look at your smile, and feel more joyful. Be encouraged! Your words and your face are working :D

    In the meantime...i'll sneak into my secret lab and work on the emotional popsicle!