Monday, March 14, 2011

π π π π π π π π

Happy Pi(e) Day!!!!!

I've been viciously craving lemon merengue pie for the last many many weeks.
I can't exactly remember a time when I wasn't craving it. 

Yesterday, I discovered a new restaurant up the street that I immediately stereotyped as a pie-worthy place.
I rode my yellow bike on over, walked in, and asked if I could have a slice of lemon merengue pie.
My little heart felt giddy with joy when the sweet lady behind the counter answered with a yes.

I smiled the whole way home. 

Best slice of pie. Ever.
I'm going to try to get a job there.
I promise my intentions are honorable...
and by honorable I mean based off of my insane cravings.


Today in honor of Pi Day (3.14), Georgey and I are making grasshopper pie.

(((Happy is this Maddy heart)))

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