Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What the World Needs Now...

Love Sweet Love

Tonight I had a lovely conversation with an old friend about the love languages.
I was sharing with her about how fascinated I've become with how people receive and give love differently.
My whole life, up until a few months ago, I assumed that everyone THRIVED off of encouraging words the way that I do.
Once I realized that wasn't true a lot about my world as I relate to people changed.
I began to recognize that if I truly want to speak love into someone's life or situation, I must seek to meet them where they will be met. (Otherwise it's like I'm standing at the bottom of a pit trying to shout a deeply valuable message to someone standing at the tippiest top of a mountain...)

I want to deeply know people.
I don't want to project my assumptions of love on them based off of my own experiences.

Silly Maddy.

I'm a work in progress consumed by the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.
And currently workin' out how to translate that into a tangible love to the people around me.

Good thing I love lovin' people.

((Loveful hearted Maddy))

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  1. By far my favorite post ever:) I love, love, love you Lenny!!