Monday, May 9, 2011

One of Those Days...

I just had a really silly workout
I went to the fitness center with flashcards and ipod in hand.
Shuffled all Beatles songs.
And started ellipticizing.

Then it happened.
My body decided to pick a fight with me.
Body started talking smack.  
The dialogue went like this.

Body: "Hey you suck slow down."
Me: "Whoa nah nah I got this"
Body: "You're tired. No tienes energia."
Me: "I'm ignoring you."

Then my body started playing dirty.
Throwing low blows, you know?

Everything started hurting.
Beginning at my tummy and radiating out.
Every joint started aching and my foot started falling asleep.
 (WHAT?!! How does that even happen??)

And then this girl came and jumped on the elliptical next to me. 
That wasn't lame at all, I love being near other people.
But she didn't set her machine or anything, she just started working out.
She was probably at like level one or whatever it jump starts you at.
So she was working out all fast and intense because there was no resistance.

Well THAT is ultra intimidating. 
She was moving furiously next to me 
while my whole body was screaming at me to slow down.

And then all 60 of my flashcards decided to explore the area
 around them and fall all over the ground.

Po Dank.

I up and quit.
Hardest 14 minutes and 43 seconds of my fitness-seeking life.

I accept the award for the Biggest Pansy.

"One of Those Days"
Joy Williams

I learned how to poach in tennis class today.

((Poachy weak quitterish is this Maddy mahaddy))

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