Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love Me Some Aging

19 Things I Loved About My 19th Birthday

1. Spending Birthday Eve worshipping Jesus with dear friends in Santa Barbara

2.  Turning 19 at 12:00 at In N Out in Ventura

3.  Happy Birthday serenadation at said In N Out
((by strangers and kids coming back from prom woot woot HALLA HALLA))

3. arriving home at 2:30 a.m. to a bed full of balloons

4. sleeping in

5. quality time with Jesus praising him & thanking him for this beautiful year

6. starbucks with my sissy

7. awkward man making fun of me for making coffee-addict faces

8. running into a dear friend in her workplace


10. whole family all together...:):):)

11. lemon merengue pie ((instead of silly cake))

12. getting a job at HUME LAKE!!!
((making ((AND DRINKING)) coffee all summer))

13. watching Gilmore Girls

14. surprise dinner party:)

15. said dinner occurring in a random ((fabulous)) smorgasbord restaurant 

16. best bread of my life

17. celebrating the most beautiful friends that I feel so blessed by

18. drop dead gorgeous FULL moon

19. feeling so deeply loved and appreciated by my dear friends

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