Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bird Poop Joy

Today was a longathon kind of day. 
I walked back from dinner and just as I entered my dorm, 
I felt some icky stuff on my hand. 
It was yellow and wet and blobby and I realized that it was on my shoulder too. 
It looked like mustard...or bird doopy

In that moment, I kinda realized that I had a choice to make. 
It felt like it could have been the thing to push me over the edge.
Or I could try to let it roll off my back. 

So I decided to try to make it positive...
and here-aaaaa are the ways that it brought me joy: 

1. it provided fodder for conversation with some of the girls on my floor I don't know well...
girls bond oh so well over bird poop moments
2. it was yellow...which is one of my favorite colors
3. it was yellow...which matched my wallet 
4. it motivated me to change my clothes so that I can go work out later
5. it made me appreciate the fact that there aren't more birds everywhere that doopy on me all the time 

((joyful and [now] clean maddy-laddy))

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