Friday, August 26, 2011

Home[y] Page

I recently changed my homepage. 
((It's a hard decision to make...just like buying a home in real life.))
Before it was the weather channel website.

Now, it is something infinitely more fantastical. 
My new homepage causes me to experience...

{deep joy}
{moments of pause}
{instances of introspection}
{a challenge to my wordiness..
.allowing me to appreciate the world a snatch wordlessly}
{a deeper desire to praise my Jesus}
{giddy share-smiles}

--->share smiles=the kind of smiles that make 
people ask why you're smiling...causing more smileage

Oh yeah, you might be wondering where I make my internet home now. 

Also, my current musical obsession is Joshua Radin's The Fear You Won't Fall

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