Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hymn Home

I mostly like to consider myself to be an intentional person. 
I fancy the occasional dream about the future, 
eh I'm an anticipator so I enjoy a good look down the road...
but overall I try to be fully present in every moment as it comes. 

This morning was a time for dreaming. 

I decided how I want to decorate my future home. 

I don't know where it's going to be... 
Who else will be living inside of it with me... 
Whether or not it will be covered in snow for most of the year...
What kind of happy sounds will ring through its doorways...
What kind of memories will happen there...

But I have a picture inside of my mind
of what the walls might look like. 

I want my house to be named
 "Hymn Home".

In every room of the house,
there will be at least one wall 
 smothered in beautiful words 
scrolling their way across itself, 
setting the tone for the room. 

These words will be the 
lyrics of the timeless
 and beautiful hymns
that have so strongly shaped my relationship
with God. 

"then sings my soul, my savior God to thee, how great thou art"
"be thou my vision, O Lord of my heart"
"be still my soul" 
"it is well with my soul" 

It is my prayer and hope for my future 
to hold onto these words as truths 
in the tough and the pleasant times. 

I imagine
allowing the homelings 
of my brood to interpret the words
on the wall in each room as they grow and develop

I hope 
that these interpretations will evolve
through the use of artistic expression 
through music and painting. 

I may have dreamt far enough to see that my family will be creative...

The Hymn Home will be a place
of refuge and love
for all who come through. 
Lots of love. 
And copious amounts of laughter.

And there will be flowers everywhere. 

(giddily anticipating while remaining very much present is this Maddy heart))

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