Monday, October 17, 2011

Karate Middie & String Cheese

One time this morning I had a midterm for my karate class. 
I finished up my vocabulary test,
(I can now count to ten in Korean...
and yell quasi-pronunciations of other words)
and then we sat in a circle around two columns of cinder blocks.

My instructor balanced a piece of wood on top of them
and with one fluid motion, 
he thwacked it into two pieces. 

He explained how he did it and then asked for volunteers. 
All the boys went first. 

Then it was my turn. 

Oye vey, I'm not sure I've ever been 
so intimidated by an inanimate object!

I skipped my way up and aimed and took practice swings a few times. 
And then I just did it. 

Yeah that's right. 
I karate chopped a piece of wood. 

I'm pretty much ready to fight anyone now. 

Besides lovely conversations and copious amounts of homeworking
this day has been marked by 
very nearly
consuming my body weight in string cheese.

(happy and oh so fierce is this Maddy girl) 

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