Friday, October 28, 2011

Rinny Pin Rinnathin

The day is August 14, 2010. 
College move-in day. 
Armed with my fish (R.I.P. Kenani) and an armful of bedding, 
I lead the way to the dorm room I will be inhabiting for the rest of the year. 

I walked onto my hall, and passed the first door on my left.
((can I get a HOLLA for people who can't pass open doors without looking in??!))

Inside, I see a family of four...
two girls, one with the coolest dreads in her hair
and one with very very short reddish brown hair. 

((I'm obsessed with twins))

I judged them (correctly) as super cool girls. 
I later met the reddish brown shorty-haired girl...
in the bathroom. 
There's a story for that. 
And later found out that she was in my Torrey group. 
Which meant I'd be spending about six hours a week
in class with her for the next four years.

That's when it all started. 
Erin Whitlow became one of the closest friends my life has been known by. 
It's been a while since I've called her Erin though, 
she's just always been Rinny to me. 
((or Pinny, or Rin-a-pin, etc.))

{Isn't she lovely? Oh yeah, she's blond now}

And what a Rinny she has been!
From late night stress-fests to 
tearful prayers to
silly poems about boys to 
fits of giggles at four in the morning... 

{posing for pictures are fake metal horses is harder than it looks}

Oh yeah...
I forgot to mention...
she's my roommate this year.

I know, how lucky am I?!!!!

((friended and encouraged is this Maddy heart))

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