Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer of Shakespeare Part 1/?

Absence makes the heart grow ever fonder, eh? 
These last few months have been a snatch whirl-windy-ish. 
I will not complain nor desire to take back one part of it! 

Last week, I tripped up the road through California to Oregon. 
On the way, my friends and I stopped in San Francisco and explored. 

{Sammamish and me with some sea lions}

{clam chowdaaa is the BEST}

{free chocolate is the beez kneez!}

I am currently in Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival. 

{isn't this a gorgeous place?}

When I found out that I could get six units of upper div. English credit
for reading Shakespeare and traveling north to see awesome plays, 
I simply couldn't resist!

Last week, I spent 24ish hours in class discussions with 
15 other people and one of the greatest professors at all time ((Dr. Kleist)). 
We read and discussed: 

Troilus and Cressida, 

As You Like It,

Romeo and Juliet, 

and Henry V. 

We had to write a paper every day and it was pretty exhausting, 
especially right after finals week, 
but the process was well worth it and I was able to see
so much growth even in such a short time. 

Spending so much time together forced all of us to quickly get to know each other. 
What a pure delight it has been to pursue 
intricate and complicated ideas 
while seeing the ways that God has gifted different people
with specific intellectual abilities. 
I feel so very blessed to be surrounded by these 
minds and wonderful personalities!

We are staying at a beautiful house up in Ashland 
where we cook all of our meals together. 

It is drop dead GORGEOUS out here, 
and it even rained for a snatch this morning!
Although we are still working hard and our days are very full, 
it still feels like I am on vacation! 
How blessed I am!

{this is where I get to live for a week and a half!!}

Our professor brings his family along each year on this trip
and it has been one of my favorite things
 to watch him interact with them
and serve them as a father. 

The first play that we saw was Troilus and Cressida. 

It was a phenomenal production. 
We spent time after the performance discussing the play
together as a group. 
On Friday, we will get to spend time
with some of the actors discussing it with thm.

As I am pushing deeper into Shakespearean texts, 
I am realizing more and more
how very rich these plays are. 

There are so many layers and ideas to be thought about! 

{happy is this Maddy mind}

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  1. Mad eye moody, oh how I miss thee, I truly enjoyed your blog. I am not kidding you I am quite jealous right now... Charles said verbatim, "Wow I wish Biola would pick up and move it's campus here, to...oh what is this place called...Ashland!" And no joke we were driving through Ashland on our way home. Can't wait to hear all about your trip! :) Love you lots.