Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yellow Watches and Missions

This week is the 83rd Missions Conference at Biola. 
As lovely as it is to be without classes for the next three days, 
I feel even more blessed that I am in a place that 
seeks to focus our attention 
where God is focused.

The band United Pursuit is leading worship. 

This is my favorite song by them:

They played it this afternoon. 
So good. 
I love the image of climbing a mountain with hands wide open. 

I'm trying to learn what it means to open my hands more.

They pack a lot into this conference so I am trying to be intentional 
about making space to process what I am learning. 

When I am immersed in deepening my love and understanding of God, 
sometimes I forget that I am human,
that I have to stop
every now and then
to process. 

I love that God designed me to need space to 

The words intentional and process are two of my favorite words.

They're right up there with encouragement and joy.

I LOVE words. 
I love words that really really matter and make a difference. 


Last night as I was falling asleep, I had a hankering for a creative idea. 
{Pre-sleep time is usually my most brilliant}

So I worked up at Hume Lake Christian Camps this summer. 
Besides being an incredible experience for my heart and soul and mind, 
I developed the habit of wearing a watch. 

There is no cell phone service up there and so 
watching it up
was the only way to get anywhere on time. 

After the summer ended, I kept the habit alive. 
I bought the CUTEST watch from Target. 
But then the band started to fall apart as I wore it ever so faithfully. 
[Flash-forward. ]

Last night, I decided to bring it back to life. 

I cut the watch head part 
{ummm anyone know the anatomy of watches?}
and then took a piece of yellow stringyish from
my favorite belt. 

And this is what happened

I'm pretty excited about it, 
as can be seen by my very expressive hand. 

I love yellow things. 

I love watches. 

I love Missions Conferences. 

I love Jesus. 

Because he first loved me. 

P.s. Do yourself a BIG favor and watch this,
she is one of my favorite people ever. 
I can't wait to hang out with her in heaven. 

{happy ears lead to a happy hearted Maddy}

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