Sunday, January 30, 2011



[kiz-mit, -met, kis-] 
fate; destiny.

One time I thought I made this word up, because I've never met anyone else who knew it. Then I searched it in an online dictionary. 

And it exists.

Also, it's presence is confirmed by the lack of a squig under it placed by the spell checker. (("Sguig"does however receive this angry snatchipede of a line. So does "snatchipede".))

 Kismet is one of my favorite words. I rarely spell it in little letters, alway big bold and 

Kisemtic ((squig)) moments are the most beautiful...finding out there is a random commonality between friends, saying the same word as someone else at the same time, having the same reaction as another person.
There is an essence of sameness, a recognition of the link between human beings. 
It's like the word version of Facebook.
((KISMET!!! You were totally thinking the same thing!!!))


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