Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That Leaf Girl: Part One

This year I started a leaf collection. Mostly I just took pictures of my leaves because they die quickly and I have not yet mastered their preservation. 

I love leaves. 
So passionately much.

I delight in the way the Lord has planned their colorings ((hello who else matches brown with red and FULLY rocks it??!!))

I am fascinated by their various shapings

I find peace in laying out on a deeply green lawn and looking up at the trees...watching the leaves fall. A pastime only for those with the utmost patience...or just those sickly obsessed, like myself. 

It is an obsession.

Sometimes I wander around campus or my neighborhood looking up at the trees. I am that leaf girl. 

I have many friends who found leaves and given them to me. Others have mailed me leaves from their homes in other states...even a dear friend who collected leaves for many months inside a notebook and then sent it to me...!!!! Talk about blessed!! 

Others have shared with me about how they have had their eyes opened to the beautiful leaves around them because of me. That makes me SO DEEPLY JOYFUL. Some have even started their OWN collections, HALLA!!!!

Please, enjoy the trees in your day, leaf and be merry. 

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