Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've Got the Joy Down in My Heart...and Exploding Through My Fingertips

Oh my goodness.

It's another one of those incredible days.
The extremely explosively joyful ones that involve a lack of ability to communicate.
I need an emotional popsicle again.

God has created to me to very much thrive off of being around people.
It has been a good day for extraverted me.
So many rich and deep and beautiful and didactic conversations.
I feel so blessed and overwhelmed and joyful and...
words fail at capturing the sheer elation.
My body is responding with a strong desire to frolic for hours.
((I am thankful for the great people in my life who let me explode
and tolerate my claims to joy every fifteen minutes....)

The morning began with a beautiful service at church 
that perfectly captured the grandness of God's word and 
the Holy Spirit's involvement in the lives of His people.

I spent a relaxing and full lunch hour with dear
friends in rich conversation
about how we relate to people
and the way that God has created and taught
us each to do that in different ways.

A pineapple pursuit brought me to the grocery store
where I had an encouraging conversation with the lady rang me up 
((who is a Christian))
and felt blessed in blessing her.

I spent a grand hour with my good friends Deb, Allison, Kelly and Alicia.
Wonderful women whom I have grown close to throughout my life.

The evening ended with a glorious time at the Cheesecake Factory
for some fabulous dessert and solid fellowship with
my Torrey group.
Dear friends who have become my family in the last LONG months.

There are like fifty synonyms for joy and none of them are sufficing. 

I feel like it's a little taste of heavenly joy...
ultimately indescribable...
so rooted in the work of Christ in my life...
and the beauty of the people he has placed in it.

((joyxplosive is this heart))

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