Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Snatch Awkward

This morning was a great morning: Last 8 a.m. Brit Lit class of the semester.
This midmorning was downright lovely: Extreme amounts of studying completed.
This midday was fantastic: English Group project was phe-no-me-nal, in a ginormous way.
This afternoon was...bleh mehak gah dskfljklghasioueorwuouwe.

Last Torrey Class Session of the year (sad face, sad heart).
Enjoyed praying together for one last time as a group.
It was a really good first fifteen minutes of class.

And then my body pulled a fast one on me again
It felt simply unstable
My little heart was racing... 
I started feeling nauseas...
Dizziness began to cloud my vision...
and I was staking out my route to the trash can, just in case.

This went on for nearly half an hour. 
And then I heard the words,
"I feel sick. Can I please leave?"

When I realized that those pathetic words had come out of MY mouth and everyone was staring at ME,
I started crying.

((sometimes my feelings come screaming out of my eyes))

I love me some Xenia, the members of my Torrey Group are so incredible.
So I felt bad for missing this last moment of our being together. 
But I went back to my room and schlept it all off. 

I'm crossing my fingers for a grand evening
((Or at least just productive)) 

Finals week, here I come.
((Tripping along slowly and deeply craving a 3 Musketeers Bar))

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