Saturday, September 3, 2011

Biology: The Study of [REAL] Life

Today has been a studyish kinda day
Besides taking a break to stritzy-straighten my hair and
 watch Stranger than Fiction with my brother...
{such a good movie} has been a nearly productive day. 

I have been concentrating most of my 
current energies 
on studying for my Bio test. 

eyuck right? 


I have been ever so excited about this test. 
And studying for it has proved to be a thorough delight as well. 

Firstly, you really must know that 
I experience a snatch of a thrill in test-taking.
Took the SAT twice...because I could (and wanted to!!!) is just such a fascinating thing to study!!!

I was working my way through my flashcards earlier 
and the distinction between the 
rough and smooth
 parts of the endoplasmic reticulum
struck my fancy. 

Although I'm sure they both serve other functions, 
the main distinction between these two parts is this:

rough ER: [noun] has ribosomes attached,

smooth ER: [noun] is ribosome-less. 

So when I think about the smooth ER, 
I just think about the fact that it has the absence of ribosomes.
In my mind, it is known for the very thing 
that it opposes-the ribosome-ful rough ER. 

Kinda depressing right? 

Than I thought about what my life might look like on a flashcard. 
You know, if someone was choosing to study me for a test.
[what does that even mean?!]

I wonder what would be written on it about me, you know?

I don't want to be known for things that I oppose, 
the things that I choose to be against 
in my life
in my relationships,
in my culture
in my world

These things are so very much a part of me.
But I do not want to be defined by them. 

I want to be defined by the things that are required of my life as a 
Little Christ.

I want to be known for the things that 
I work to be every day
in my life
in my relationships
in my culture
in my world

((Maddy: [noun]  love fully attached.))

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  1. I like this one Mads-A-Lads. Favorite part: imagining your life condensed to a single flashcard = impossible. =]