Friday, September 2, 2011


I came home this weekend for a few days to celebrate 
my wonderful father.
My brother, mom and I took him to our favorite Mexican Restaurant. 
Cafe Rio makes me want to weep the tears of a foody fool in love every time I go. 

The people in line in front of us were friends of my dad's. 
They passed on to the staff there that it was his birthday. 
His face turned so red as they belted out the classic birthday song.
In front of a full crowd. 
He yelled out, "I'm going to Chipotle!!"
It was a shining moment:)

We laughed 
and shared stories
and yogurtlanded 
and fist pounded 
and presented 
and rejoiced 
and celebrated 
and loved
and laughed. 
A lotta lot.

I love celebrating people...
my daddy is the most amazing, significant male 
that is in my life and earthbound. 
His wisdom has shaped so much of the formation of mine...
and allowed me the space to grow and learn on my own. 
He has taught me what standards and expectations
 I ought to have as a lady for the gentlemen in my life. 
He has encouraged me to laugh when I'm stressed 
and pray when I'm even more stressed.
I love that man. 
It was a joy to bring him joy yesterday. 

I realized I was truly home this morning 
when rather early on I heard a loud thump at my bedroom door
and my little brother threw it open and 
his deep, much to loud for the morning voice, 
told me that I really must give him a ride to practice 
he'd have to skateboard. 
In my semi-conscious state I very nearly said yes.
Crazy right?
My unconscious self is much too generous.

I claimed my right as a very tired Maddy
and felt only a snatch guilty for telling him 
((with a sweet heart and a promise to myself that I'd take him out for ice cream later))

Round two wakeup involved the little puppy scratches at the door 
that I've missed oh so much.
Mostly because these little noises are most often accompanied 
by a sweet mommy who is sending the dog into to see if I'm awake:)

Her joy at my consciousness was a snatch overwhelming to my morning self. 
But her bubbly energy and delight made me want to jump out of bed and start the day. 

Mmm I love being home. 

((Happy homey [very well fed] Maddy))

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