Sunday, September 11, 2011


One of the classes I'm taking this semester is called
Oral Interpretations. 
It's a communications course and involves reading out loud. 
Literature + talking= a very happy Maddy. 

Our assignment this week is to cut 
((fancy way of saying choose))
a selection from the Bible to read in class. 

I chose a passage from Nehemiah. 
Yeah, I promise I'm not trying to go for the hipster Bible reading
by choosing something a little bit more old school.
((I'm pretty sure that Paul referred to the Old Testament as "old school"
inside his mind as he wrote so many letters to New Testament churches.))

But Nehemiah stinking ROCKS!!
I'm going to read verses four through eleven from chapter one. 

{I imagine this is what he would look like. mostly because he has a rad beard}

I'm ever so excited to highlight 
the depth of Nehemiah's heart for God's people. 
God had placed such a specific passion inside of his heart
and he let it break him so that he would be fully engaged. 
He chose to intercede in an amazing way. 

I'm stoked:)

Also I realized that I need to check in on my new year's resolves...
I've been succeeding in everything except for the memorizing of 
"Handlebars" by the Flobots. 
I think I've found my Sunday afternoon activity!

Also, I miss this kid
kinda  lot. 
My little brohah is such a stud!
Adam started his junior year of high school this past week
and I'm so excited for this year!!!

((so many heart-thoughts for this Maddy-girl!!))

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