Sunday, September 18, 2011

Echolocative Joy

Dolphins make little clicky sounds 
so that they can gain their bearings
and understand their surroundings. 
Their happy clicks bounce off of objects 
and then come back and hit their foreheads. 
This process is called echolocation.

{Isn't that silly? How much God must have been smiling as he created those little guys!!!}

I like that they require the presence of other things to survive. 
Otherwise they would loudly stumble
their little ways through the ocean.

I feel like there has been an abundance of joy within my spirit as of latel. 

I'm learning that I experience joy in the
 greatest capacity
 as I get to share it with others. 
Joy stuck inside of me tends to get a snatch explosive. 
Therefore, I thrive off of
 these moments 
when I get to share my joy. 

I feel like a dolphin. 
Letting out my joy.
((usually in the form of many many words and the occasional squeallygiddy dance
I imagine that dolphins would be the best choreographers of dance if they were land animals))

I delight in watching my joy bounce off of the people around me. 
Seeing the beauty of joy rooted in Christ that encourages others, 
rather than joy that is centered around me. 

That is hard business

I admit, sometimes
 I like just reveling in my own joy, 
but that is stanky and selfish. 

I desire to intentionally share my joy to encourage the spirits of others.
Because when it encourages others it always has

It bounces off of the people around me and hits me in the forehead. 

Or the heart to be more exact. 

((joyful dolphin-hearted is this Maddy girl))

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