Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Red and...Purple?

Three out of the five people in the office today 
were each wearing some variation of the color purple...
with red shoes.

{Me, Carri, and Rebecca}

It's kind of a random combination 
and I truly doubted myself as I put my red shoes
on my feet with my purple shirt. 

But it just felt right. 
And when I got to work, 
Carri got all excited because I matched Rebecca. 
And then she looked at herself and realized that she matched us too. 

[[Red Hat Society anyone??]]

Also I love red shoes. 

Also, we all got coffee today and it has been a long time since I had coffee. 
[[I didn't go caffeine-free this time, too...oye vey!!]]

Also my amazing little brohah just called me 
to tell me about how stoked he is for his English class. 
His teacher is using the film "About a Boy" 
to explain the idea of perspectives. 

Adam is so excited and it brought me so much joy to hear about it! 

((What a made day for this Maddy being))

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