Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Breaking Down Christmas Break

The last few days have finally felt like I am truly on a break from school. 
What a beautiful experience it is to have rest! 

Yesterday, due to the good fortune of delayed airplane flights, 
I was blessed to spend an entire afternoon 
with my dear friend, and my Resident Assistant at school, Ruth. 

{this is what it looked like, with tea and yummy soup to sprinkle it with some flava flave}

It was a pure 
to hear how her heart is being 
as she has experienced the greater extent of her 
throughout this semester. 
How grateful I am to know a woman like her!


Today was a day for catching up and traditions. 
I snegged lunch and some time in one of my favorite
hometown spots with an old friend.
{looking out on my city, so lovely}

 Sean has been such a good friend my whole life. 
We realized today that we literally went to school
together from preschool until high school graduation.
He's the only one I've had that with.
What a joy to have such consistency in my life. 


Tonight was an evening of family
One of my favorite Christmas rituals each year.
An evening pre-Christmas spent
with some dear family friends.
They are such wonderful people.

We always consume copious amounts of
 bread rolls, soup and sparkling apple cider.
White Elephant gifts are exchanged. 
And Bingo is played to a mad happy extent. 

Christmas seems to be a time when 
doesn't just mean you have to be related. 

When we got back, my mom had 
pre-Christmas gifts
 for me and my sibbas to open.

*GIANT* Gingerbread Men!!!

{mine had weird bumpies on it's face, all gb men are different}

We cranked up the Christmas music 
and channeled our inner-cookie-decorating skills. 

I decided to make mine into a gingerbread grandfather
Gb's age too, ya know? 
I started with his heart and then made eyebrows
And suspenders
Those are the things that matter you know? 
Oh and his left arm is in a cast. 
He fell whilst playing Christmas bocce ball in the snow. 


It has been a thoroughly joy-filled week. 
I am grateful for each moment...
the tastes...
the smells...
the images...
the people...
and the hugs, always the hugs. 

{grateful and ever so blessed is this Maddy in this pre-Christmas time}

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