Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sandy Christmas

This week has been a sicky week. 
Bleh. Mrrr. Mehak. Gah. 
Luckily, though, the cloud o' disease didn't
set in until my finals were finished. 
I came home quick as a whip and slept.
And slept.
And slept.
And slept, even as I was sleeping.

Yesterday was my first day back in the real world. 
The morning started off with some
mad Christmas shopping with my mom. 
So wonderful. 

I think I realized for the 
first time
that Christmas shopping is not supposed 
to be a hassle. 

It's such a JOY to be able to spend time 
(with my amazing mother)
looking for special and personal objects
to bring a smile to the face of someone I love. 

I bet the wise men were stoked out of their
freaking purple-y royal robes
to bring their gifts to sweet Jesus. 
I want to be a joyful-gift-giver too!


Last night I was able to catch up with
 my sweet Hilly-friend. 
Our goal for the evening 
{we tend to have goals for our adventures, see here}
was something "Christmas-y".

We drove towards San Pedro 
over the bridges 
{love bridges}
across the harbor and up around the hill, 
past the Korean friendship bell
and the lighthouse.
These sights were accompanied by an overflow
of words
and laughs
and all around giddiness.

And then we had to stop and turn around.
Stupid construction.
On our drive to a coffee shop back around home, 
I spotted a Christmas tree lot on PCH. 

We pulled in and parked.
The moment I opened the door 
and breathed the first outdoor breath,
I knew I was really home. 

{love this lady}

My nose revelled in the smell.
It was Christmas-tree-meets-ocean.
Saltypine if you will.
The smell of a SoCal Christmas.

Growing up in Southern California 
was often confusing for me. 
Surfing the week before Christmas
is normal.
The ocean makes me feel at home.

Hilly and I walked through the trees,
aisle after aisle of sweet green, 
pretending we were in a forest. 

My nose nearly started weeping 
at the glory of it all. 
The salty breeze-laced greenness overwhelmed me. 
It was beautiful. 

Then we went to the beach
and ate ice cream
on the pier
as the waves crashed 
underneath us. 

Christmas involves all the senses.
Last night, 
my nose welcomed the season.


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