Friday, January 20, 2012


What a week of friendventures!

On Wednesday I was blessed to spend the evening with my
dear friend Cari. 
We worked together up at Hume over the summer.
I started calling her "Cari-Lari"...
but now I mostly just call her Lari. 

{Isn't she lovely?}

She has such a sweet and beautiful and ever so spunky heart. 
She is such a ginormous blessing to me as she sits and listens and asks questions
 as I warble on about my life. 

We wandered to Starbucks and across my campus, exchanging words.
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about the big transitions in her life. 
She is definitely an example of strength and consistency in 
the face of change,
revealing such a heart of obedience to the Lord's direction for her life. 

She also hand-made this for me:

and I am thoroughly obsessed with it. 
It is a case for my laptop, hand sewn.

It's thick and cuddly and protective and I very nearly slept with it the first night. 
I am so thankful that my computer is going to be cozy and safe
for his daily nap times.

Oh Lari, what a lovely lady!


Thursday was a day for another friendventure! 
The day started and ended with my sweet friend/coworker, Rebecca.
We had been planning a day for thrifting for weeks and this was the day. 

We only hit up two stores, but our time was well spent and produced good results. 

I picked up some epic items that I am stoked to wear.
{I love clothes that require a process to obtain!}

Then, we ventured to Carl's Jr for lunch. 
Rebecca had
In my family, this is a very big deal.

I told the cashier that it was her first time and the sweet lady
She was really excited for Rebecca.
I had a good chuckle over that.

Rebecca was clearly WAY stoked too. 

{She was quite delighted by her lunch, lemmetellya.}

We polished off our lunch with the new yummy dessert at Carls.
It's the oreo cookie ice cream sandwich!

{I have consumed a copious amount of these sweet treats in the last week, it's bad.}

What a phenomenal sweet invention.
Just like friendship is a phenomenal sweet invention.

{Good one, God}

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  1. I love this. And you. Thanks for being my friend, friend! :) :)