Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hamsters, String Cheese & Lovin'

Today was a day of yellow-o-sity.

{love it}


I had TWO cupcakes tonight to celebrate Biola's birthday. 
I accidentally did not eat anything else for dinner. 

The drama of such a choice has ensued in pure ants~i~ness throughout myself.
It feels like there is a little hamster-guy running on a wheel inside myself. 
He is a very quick little buddy, I must say.
Maybe he ate cupcakes for dinner too. 

Here's the tragedy:
I thought I should put something else inside my stummy to 
absorb some of the sugar.

I took a break from bouncing on my chair homeworking to pop some corn.

The first bite revealed its true nature as kettle corn.
I hate it when that happens. 

I guess my "dinner" will now consist of
string cheese,
chocolate, and
string cheese. 

Eh it all evens out in there somehow. 


P.s. today was a good day for loving.
I am so thankful that God has placed people and people groups in my life to be loved.
We're all lookin' for a little lovin'. 
Stoked to be on both ends of that deal. 

{bouncing with love & hamsters is this Maddaaaaye}

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  1. Thanks for lovin' me and sittin' by trees and talkin' and laughin' and loanen' mean your sweatshirt.